• Do you get frustrated with family members because you have difficulty hearing them?

  • Do you feel embarrassed when you are in a group of people because you struggle to hear?

  • Do you laugh even though you didn’t hear the punch line?

  • Do your family members tell you to turn the TV volume down?

  • Do you avoid social situations or church services because you can’t understand what is being said?

  • Do you have trouble hearing family or friends when you are together in a restaurant?

  • Do you hear a person talking, but not understand what is being said?

If you’re experiencing hearing problems, you’re NOT alone!

Currently 48 million Americans live with hearing loss.  1 out of 3 people over the age of 60 have hearing loss. Hearing loss can be sudden or come on gradually.  Causes include: aging, noise exposure, genetics, trauma, ototoxic medications, viral or bacterial infections or a combination of these factors.

Hearing loss has an impact on your overall health and personality.

Untreated hearing loss has been linked to cognitive decline, impaired memory, stress, high blood pressure, heart disease, fatigue, social withdrawal and depression.  Not hearing and being frustrated about it is understandable, but you don’t have to become crabby and short tempered.  Make an appointment to have your hearing tested by one of our audiologists and start your journey towards better hearing and overall health.

Don’t suffer the consequences of untreated hearing loss when you can successfully manage it.

At The Listening Center, we recommend you take a proactive approach to improve your hearing, health and overall happiness.  Our staff will take time to accurately diagnosis your hearing loss, identify what you want to hear better and recommend the right solution.  We will help you manage your hearing loss or tinnitus with high quality and affordable hearing aid options.  95% of our current patients report that they hear better and that their hearing aids have improved their lives.

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