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Hearing Aid Styles


Additional Options to Consider when Selecting a Hearing Aid

Keeping you connected to your network of friends and family

Rechargeable Custom Aids

Rechargeable hearing aids have built-in lithium ion batteries that do not require removal at night or changing every 3-10 days. Instead you now dock your aids in the charging case each night. New models are now available with your choice to use rechargeable or the traditional disposable zinc-air battery.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity in hearing aids now allows you to connect to easily with your smartphone and allows hands-free use of your phone. You can talk on the phone and have the caller’s voice streamed directly through both of your hearing aids for better clarity and understanding. You can also personalize your listening experience to listen to an audio book, music or a video on your phone.

TV Accessories

TV accessories are simple plug and play products that can connect you directly to your favorite TV show. This is kind of like using wireless headphones except the sound is shaped and amplified specifically for you as it streams through your hearing aids. You can increase the volume in your hearing aids while your spouse turns the volume from the TV down. Plus you don’t have to remove headphones when you want to talk about the show you are both watching.

Wireless Wearable Mics

Sometimes hearing aids are not enough in challenging situations. Wireless microphones can be used in addition to your hearing aids to enhance speech understanding and keep you in the conversation. You can connect directly to a family member or friend for optimal hearing in a noisy environment with a personal mic or use a discreet size table mic to automatically select the person who is talking and then switch quickly to the next speaker.

Smartphone Apps

Manufacturers have created apps which allow hearing aid users the ability to personalize almost every listening situation.  Patients can enhance their understanding and improve their overall health with these apps.  Some can be used simply as a remote control or to connect remotely to your Audiologist for real time fine tuning adjustments.
  • Fall Alerts can be sent to your family.
  • You can make your own volume or memory changes.
  • Focus your microphone on only who you are looking at or decrease wind noise.
  • Create a new memory by adjusting speech enhancement and noise reduction.
  • Create a library of sounds to reduce tinnitus.
  • You can have text messages transcribed and read to you in real time.
  • Hearing aid translator.
  • Record a conversation and send it to your children.

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There is nothing we can do to cure your hearing loss, but with today’s technology we can listen to your problems and help you manage your hearing loss and improve your overall quality of life.

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